Prepare to witness Neon Pony, a true visionary artist who defies convention with a groundbreaking performance setup. Picture this: she takes command of a stand-up drum kit, a creation of her own design that seamlessly integrates a mesmerizing visual show. But that's just the beginning.


Amidst this visual symphony, Neon Pony becomes a force of nature, simultaneously playing percussion, spinning tracks as a DJ, and lending her haunting vocals to the mix. It's a spectacle that merges her primal rhythmic beats with a captivating visual display, all while orchestrating an intricate dance between drums, decks, and vocals.


From her roots in Native Indian heritage to commanding the grandest stages like Coachella, Madison Square Garden, Your Paradise & Ultra Music Festival, Neon Pony's artistry is a transcendental experience. Her fusion of seamless genre-blending across Afro, Organic, Melodic, and Progressive House creates an immersive journey beyond imagination.


With over 500K combined social media followers, Neon Pony's allure has captivated music enthusiasts globally. Her prowess has garnered acclaim from revered publications such as NY Weekly, Modern Drummer, Bridge (The Cover), and more.


Touring with music legends Duran Duran as their Percussionist and Back-up vocalist, performing drums alongside Kygo and opening for house legends Ben Bohmer and Sebastien Leger to name a few, she's left an indelible mark while cementing her presence in the music scene.


Neon Pony's performances redefine what's possible in live music. She's not just creating sound; she's curating a multi-dimensional experience that resonates deeply within the soul, inviting audiences into a world where music and visual artistry harmonize in a way that's both captivating and commanding.



U.S. States

  • World Tour - Duran Duran
  • Palm Tree Music Festival (with Kygo and Calvin Harris)
  • Coachella - Main Stage
  • Ultra Music Festival - Live A Stage
  • Your Paradise Festival – Fiji Islands
  • SXM – St Maarten
  • SWU Festival - Main Stage with Black Eyed Peas
  • Aerosmith and Motley Crue Tour
  • Googosh - Arena Tour
  • Van Warped Tour - Main Stage
  • Tom Morello - Nightwatchman Tour Feat. Cypress Hill

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